Code 11

What is a Code 11?

Code 11, also referred to as USD-8, is a high-density discrete symbol produced by Intermec in 1977.

The symbology is numeric-only and is able to encode the numbers zero through nine, the dash symbol (-), and start/stop characters. One or two modulo-11 check digit(s) can be included. A typical Code 11 barcode appears as such:

Code 11

Each digit is made up of three bars and two spaces. The width of a digit will not be fixed. Of these five elements, there could be two wide and three narrow, or one wide and four narrow.

Code 11 is not immune to printing imperfections because they can easily convert one character into another valid character. So one, or sometimes two, check digits (named C and K) are used to improve data integrity; often if the length of the data is 10 characters or fewer, only the first check digit (C) will be used.

Where is a Code 11 used?

It is used primarily in labeling telecommunications equipment.


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