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Dynamsoft - Web & .NET TWAIN SDKs | Version Control
Dynamsoft Reseller Partner Portal - Introduction
Dynamsoft - Web & .NET TWAIN SDKs | Version Control
Dynamsoft Reseller Partner Portal - Introduction
Products 174 pages
TWAIN Scanning SDK for Web Browser Applications - Dynamic Web TWAIN
Online Document Scanning & Image Capture SDK
News - TWAIN .NET Scanner SDK/Component for Desktop Applications
TWAIN .NET Component | Scanner & Webcam SDK
Version Control Software - SourceAnywhere
News - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
Hosting Plans - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement Hosted
Dynamsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) Hosting Service
Team Foundation Server in the Cloud
Fastest SourceSafe Web | Internet Access Solution
Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Cloud Hosting Service
PDF Rasterizer, Barcode & OCR SDK for Web Application
Dynamsoft PDF Rasterizer SDK for .NET
Dynamsoft Barcode SDK for .NET
Dynamsoft OCR SDK for .NET
Dynamsoft PDF Annotation SDK for .NET
Product Comparison - TWAIN .NET Control, Scanner SDK, Component
Online Source Control Cloud Service
Hosting Plans - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
FAQ - TWAIN ActiveX/Plug-in Web Control/SDK
FAQ - ImageCapture Suite
FAQ - TWAIN .NET Control, Scanner SDK, Component
FAQ - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
FAQ - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
FAQ - Hosted SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
FAQ - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Managed TFS Hosting
Annual Maintenance Benefits
Online Demo - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
Online Demo - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
Trusted By World's Top Scanner Manufacturers
Dynamic Web TWAIN Demo Video
Scan | Acquire from TWAIN Devices and Upload
News - TWAIN ActiveX/Plug-in Web Control/SDK
News - ImageCapture Suite
Features & Benefits - ImageCapture Suite for web app
Developer Center - ImageCapture Suite
Dynamic .NET TWAIN Features
Developer Center - Dynamic .NET TWAIN
Dynamsoft Barcode, PDF Annotation & OCR SDK for .NET
Features - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
Guide & Demo - SourceAnywhere Standalone
Pricing list of SourceAnywhere
Resources - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
version control system comparison
Data Center - Hosted Source Control
Security & Backup & Data Center - TFS Hosting
TFS Hosted Support
Migrate to TFS HOSTING
TFS Hosting Resources
Why SaaS (Software as a Service) over On-premise - TFS Hosted
Team Foundation Server Edition Comparison
Security & Backup & Data Center - TFS Hosting
Pricing list of SourceAnywhere for VSS
Delta Transfer - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
Cache Server - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
SourceAnywhere for VSS: Fastest Plugin for VSS Internet Access
How - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
Why - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
How to Solve Visual SourceSafe Slow Performance Issue
Guide & Demo - SourceAnywhere for VSS
Resources - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
News - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
Edition Comparison - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
Visual Studio 2005/2008 Integration - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Eclipse Integration - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
How - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Screen Shots - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Features - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Security & Backup & Data Center - SCM Anywhere Hosted
Guide & Free Trial - SCM Anywhere Hosted
Resources - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
News - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Why SaaS (Software as a Service) over On-premise - SCM Anywhere Hosted
Annual Maintenance Benefits
Features - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement Hosted
Security & Backup & Data Center - SourceAnywhere Hosted
Resources - Hosted SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
Cutomer Hightlights - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement Hosted
Guide & Free Trial - SourceAnywhere Hosted
News - Hosted SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
Why SaaS (Software as a Service) over On-premise - SourceAnywhere Hosted
System Requirement - Hosted SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
System Requirement - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Dynamsoft Image Capture SDK Cloud-based License
License - TWAIN ActiveX/Plug-in Web Control/SDK
License - ImageCapture Suite for web app
Dynamic .NET TWAIN License Agreement
Dynamsoft Image Capture SDK Purchase FAQ - ImageCapture Suite
License - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
License - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
License - Hosted SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
License - Hosted SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
Dynamsoft TFS Hosting Service Level Agreement
Dynamsoft Image Capture SDK Purchase FAQ - ImageCapture Suite
Edition Comparison - TWAIN ActiveX/Plug-in Web Control/SDK
Dynamsoft Image Capture SDK Purchase FAQ - ImageCapture Suite
Dynamsoft Image Capture SDK Purchase FAQ - Dynamic .NET TWAIN
Virtual Developer Service - Dynamic Web TWAIN
Virtual Developer Service - ImageCapture Suite
Annual Maintenance Benefits
Annual Maintenance Benefits
Getting Started with Dynamic Web TWAIN Document Scanning SDK
FAQ: Managed Hosting of Team Foundation Server Standard Edition
Coding Service - TWAIN ActiveX/Plug-in Web Control/SDK
New and Updated Properties/Methods in ImageCapture Suite
Feature List - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
System Requirement - Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
SourceSafe to SourceAnywhere Migration Plan
Getting Started with TFS Hosted
Configure Visual Studio 2005 to connect to TFS 2012
TFS (Team Foundation Server) 2012 hosting service
Dreamweaver Integration - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
System Requirement - SourceSafe Remote/Web/Internet Access
Windows GUI Client - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
MSSCCI Plug-in (Visual Studio 6) - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Mac Screen - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Linux GUI Screen - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Macromedia Studio Plug-in - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
MSSCCI Plug-in (Visual Studio .NET 2008) - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
MSSCCI Plug-in (MS Access 2007) Screen - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Feature List - Online Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting
Dynamic OCR
Plan - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Government Customers - TWAIN ActiveX/Plug-in Web Control/SDK
Feature List - Hosted SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
Unlimited License Agreement
License - ImageCapture Suite for web app
Dynamsoft Image Capture SDK Purchase FAQ - Dynamic Web TWAIN
Money Back Guarantee - TWAIN ActiveX/Plug-in Web Control/SDK
Dynamic SDK Licensing
Resource - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
FAQ - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Video - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Features - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Screen Shot - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
News - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
License - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Issue - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
My Favorites - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Field Rule - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Form - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Query - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Workflow - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Notification - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Report - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
Permission - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
TWAINVideo 1 page
Dynamic Web TWAIN Demo Video
WebinarVideo 16 pages
SourceAnywhere Hosted Webinar Video
SCM Anywhere Hosted Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere Standalone Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere for VSS Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere Standalone Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere Standalone Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere Standalone Webinar Video
TFS Hosted Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere for VSS Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere for VSS Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere for VSS Webinar Video
SCM Anywhere Hosted Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere Hosted Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere Hosted Webinar Video
SourceAnywhere Hosted Webinar Video
Issue Tracking Anywhere Webinar Video
DWT 1 page
Dynamic Web TWAIN Online Demo | Scan and upload documents in browsers
ITAvideo 3 pages
Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere
Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere
Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere
DWT 1 page
Dynamic Web TWAIN Online Demo | Scan and upload documents in browsers
ICS 1 page
ImageCapture Suite Online Demo
ICS 4 pages
ImageCapture Suite Online Demo
ImageCapture Suite Online Demo
ImageCapture Suite Online Demo
ImageCapture Suite Online Demo
DWT 2 pages
Dynamic Web TWAIN Online Demo | Scan and upload documents in browsers
Scan documents
Downloads 6 pages
Scanner & Webcam Capture in C# & VB.NET |.NET TWAIN Sample
SourceAnywhere Hosted Download
SCM Anywhere Hosted Download
Access a TWAIN Scanner in ASP.NET (C#), PHP Web Applications
Access a Scanner/Webcam in ASP.NET (C#), PHP Web Applications
OCR SDK Language Packages Download
Company 88 pages
Dynamsoft Company News
Dynamsoft In the News
Dynamsoft Customers
Contact Dynamsoft
About Dynamsoft - Version Control / TWAIN SDK Developer
Dynamsoft Customers
Dynamsoft Customers
Dynamsoft Image Capture SDK Adds PDF Rasterizing and Barcode Generator
Dynamsoft Image Capture Software Used in New Fujifilm Radiology Management Solution
Dynamsoft's Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.0 Software Dev Kit Provides WPF Control
Dynamsoft Updates Web TWAIN SDK with Native Scanning for Mac OS X
Dynamsoft Upgrades Its Source Control Software With Improved File Transfers and User Interface
Dynamsoft Enhances Barcode Reader for Its .NET TWAIN Software Dev Kit
Dynamsoft's New Image Capture SDK Adds Mac Support and Sandbox
Dynamsoft's Newest Web TWAIN SDK Improves Security With Sandbox
TSG Develops OpenCapture Document and Image Capture Application
Dynamsoft Upgrades Its TWAIN Software Dev Kit for .NET Programmers
Dynamsoft Intros SDK Combining Webcam and TWAIN Online Image Capturing
Dynamsoft Intros New Team Foundation Server 2012 Managed Hosting Plans
Dynamsoft's Webcam SDK Allows Developers to Create Image Capture Web Apps
Dynamsoft Intros New Source Control Software with "Find in Files" and other Enhancements
Dynamsoft Launches OCR and Barcode Reader Add-Ons for Document Processing Solution
Dynamsoft Adds OCR for Its Document Processing Tool
SourceAnywhere Hosted: Using Version Control Hosting for Large Teams
Dynamic .NET TWAIN: Integrated Document Processing All in One
Dynamsoft TFS Hosted: Most Professional TFS Hosting
Dynamic Web TWAIN: Scan Images From Browser UI, Edit and Upload
Dynamsoft News: Dynamic Web TWAIN on Mac OS X
Dynamsoft News: Version Control Performance Matters
SourceAnywhere for VSS 6.0 Is All About User Experience
Dynamsoft Enhances Its Version Control Solution
Dynamsoft News: Scan From Chrome Firefox
Dynamsoft Launches .NET Based Scanning Solution
Dynamsoft News: SCM Anywhere 2.1
Dynamsoft Releases an Update for Its Web Scanning Solution
Dynamsoft Releases SourceAnywhere for VSS 5.4
Dynamsoft Releases Update Its Hosting Version Control Solution
World's 1st Hosted Software Configuration Management Solution
Dynamsoft News: ParagonHost Selects Issue Tracking Anywhere
Continental Airlines Selects Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS
Dynamsoft Enters Software Configuration Management Market
Dynamsoft News: Adea Selects Dynamsoft SaaS Application
Dynamsoft Joins Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP)
SaaS Application Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted
SourceAnywhere Hosted Heightens Security for SaaS Applications
iRazoo Selects SourceAnywhere for VSS for Remote Developers
Move to the Digital World with Dynamic Web TWAIN
Dynamsoft Attains Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status
Enhances SourceSafe Remote Access Performance and Security
Hosted Version Control On-demand for Development Teams
Issue Tracking Anywhere Resolves Business and Technical Issues
Visual SourceSafe Alternative SourceAnywhere Standalone Released
Secure and High Performance Remote Access for VSS Users
Interview with Windy Liu from Dynamsoft
User List
Case Studies
User List
Case Studies
User List
Case Studies
Dynamic Web TWAIN Speeds Up Documentation Workflow for Immigration
Dynamic Web TWAIN helps Aquarium Software's clients scan and upload documentations directly from their web solution
FT Technologies chooses Dynamic Web TWAIN for scanning documents to SharePoint
Dynamic Web TWAIN integrated into Dynamic Hospitality's accounting system for automatic invoice scanning and management for restaurants
Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere Hosted Resolves Organization Issues at ParagonHost
Dynamic TWAIN Accelerates Scanning Capabilities for Grand Valley Technology Services
Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Closes the Gap for Distributed Development Team at Adea International
Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS Resolves Latency Problems at Continental Airlines
Bluetide Chooses Dynamsoft Over Microsoft SourceSafe
ASCO Numatics choosing SourceAnywhere Standalone
Dynamsoft's SourceAnywhere for VSS Resolves VPN Challenges for Remote Team at Business Micros
Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS Eliminates Development Bottlenecks at iRazoo
Deson Technology Limited Adopted Dynamsoft's SourceAnywhere for VSS
Record Tech Electronics Chooses Dynamsoft's SourceAnywhere for Document Version Control
Cabinet NG Selects Dynamic Web TWAIN for Documents Scanning in All Browsers
PICS' DocLib Document Management Application Leverages Dynamsoft SDK to Enable Simple Scanning
Dynamsoft Customers
User List
Case Studies
Partner 2 pages
Dynamsoft Alliances - Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Dynamsoft Resellers
Purchase 4 pages
Dynamsoft Document Imaging SDK Licensing Overview
Dynamsoft Version Control Licensing Overview
Dynamsoft Imaging SDK Unlimited Web Server License
Dynamsoft Products Purchase
Support 8 pages
Live Help
Webinar Videos
How to purchase Dynamsoft products?
Support - SourceSafe (VSS) Replacement
Support - SourceSafe/VSS Remote/Web/Internet Access
One 2 One Web Training
Support - Web-Based Issue/Bug Tracking System
TWAIN 90 pages
Property PixelFlavor
Method LoadDibFromClipboard
Property IfAutoFeed
Property IfAutoScan
Property Resolution
Property BitDepth
Property Brightness
Property Contrast
Property Unit
Property Duplex
Method OpenSource
Method AcquireImage
Property IfThrowException
Property ErrorCode
Property ErrorString
Property PixelType
Property IfFeederEnabled
Property IfFeederLoaded
Property IfPaperDetectable
Property XferCount
Property IfAutoBright
Property IfDuplexEnabled
Method SelectSource
Method SelectSourceByIndex
Method CloseSource
Method OpenSourceManager
How to Negotiate Capability with Different Capability Container Types
Method EnableSource
Property XferCount
Property SourceNameItems
Property SourceCount
Method CloseSourceManager
TWAIN State Transition
Property Capability
Property CapType
Property CapValueString
Property CapValue
Method CapSet
Property CapNumItems
Property CapItemsString
Property CapItems
Property CapCurrentIndex
Property CapMinValue
Property CapMaxValue
Property CapStepSize
Property CapCurrentValue
Method CapGet
Capability Container Types
Property IfShowUI
Method DisableSource
OnPreAllTransfers Event
OnPreTransfer Event
OnPostTransfer Event
OnPostAllTransfers Event
OnTransferError Event
OnTransferCancelled Event
Method CapGetCurrent
Method CapGetDefault
Method CapReset
Property CapDefaultIndex
Property CapDefaultValue
COM Data Type Mapping
Property IfModalUI
Property IfUIControllable
Method CancelAllPendingTransfers
Property ImageBitsPerPixel
Property ImagePixelType
Property ImageLength
Property ImageWidth
Property ImageXResolution
Property ImageYResolution
Property ImageLayoutDocumentNumber
Property ImageLayoutFrameLeft
Property ImageLayoutFrameTop
Property ImageLayoutFrameRight
Property ImageLayoutFrameBottom
Property ImageLayoutPageNumber
Property ImageLayoutFrameNumber
Property PendingXfers
Property IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire
How to negotiate ICAP_FRAMES
Method CapGetFrameLeft
Method CapGetFrameTop
Method CapGetFrameRight
Method CapGetFrameBottom
Method CapSetFrame
WebTwain 3 pages
Dynamic Web TWAIN Help
How to deploy Dynamic Web TWAIN Plug-in on a Web Server
Dynamic Web TWAIN Help
Properties 138 pages
Property FTPUserName
Property FTPPassword
Property ProxyServer
Property IfSSL
Property BitDepth
Property Brightness
Property BrokerProcessType
Property Contrast
Property CurrentSourceName
Property DataSourceStatus
Property DefaultSourceName
Property Duplex
Property IfAppendImage
Property IfAutoBright
Property IfAutoDiscardBlankpages
Property IfAutoFeed
Property IfAutomaticBorderDetection
Property IfAutomaticDeskew
Property IfAutoScan
Property IfDeviceOnline
Property IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire
Property IfDuplexEnabled
Property IfFeederEnabled
Property IfFeederLoaded
Property IfModalUI
Property IfPaperDetectable
Property IfScanInNewThread
Property IfShowCancelDialogWhenImageTransfer
Property IfShowUI
Property IfShowIndicator
Property IfUIControllable
Property ImageBitsPerPixel
Property AllowMultiSelect
Property ImageLayoutDocumentNumber
Property ImageLayoutFrameBottom
Property ImageLayoutFrameLeft
Property ImageLayoutFrameNumber
Property ImageLayoutFrameRight
Property ImageLayoutFrameTop
Property ImageLayoutPageNumber
Property ImageLength
Property ImagePixelType
Property ImageWidth
Property ImageXResolution
Property ImageYResolution
Property JPEGQuality
Property MagData
Property MagType
Property PageSize
Property PendingXfers
Property PixelFlavor
Property PixelType
Property Resolution
Property SourceCount
Property SourceNameItems
Property TransferMode
Property Unit
Property XferCount
Property AllowMultiSelect
Property BackgroundColor
Property BackgroundFillColor
Property BlankImageCurrentStdDev
Property BlankImageMaxStdDev
Property BlankImageThreshold
Property BorderStyle
Property CurrentImageIndexInBuffer
Property EnableInteractiveZoomr
Property IfFitWindow
Property hDIB
Property HowManyImagesInBuffer
Property IfFitWindow
Property IfShowUI
Property ImageEditorIfEnableEnumerator
Property ImageEditorIfReadonly
Property ImageEditorIfModal
Property ImageEditorWindowTitle
Property ImageMargin
Property MaxImagesInBuffer
Property MouseX
Property MouseY
Property MouseShape
Property Picture
Property SelectedImageIndex
Property SelectedImagesCount
Property SelectionImageBorderColor
Property VScrollBar
Property Zoom
Property AllowPluginAuthentication
Property AsyncMode
Property FTPPort
Property HttpFieldNameOfUploadedImage
Property HTTPPassword
Property HTTPPort
Property HTTPPostResponseString
Property HTTPUserName
Property IfPASVMode
Property IfShowFileDialog
Property IfShowProgressBar
Property IfTiffMultiPage
Property MaxInternetTransferThreads
Property PDFAuthor
Property PDFCompressionType
Property PDFCreationDate
Property PDFCreator
Property PDFKeywords
Property PDFModifiedDate
Property PDFProducer
Property PDFSubject
Property PDFTitle
Property PDFVersion
Property TIFFCompressionType
Property Capability
Property CapDefaultValue
Property CapDescription
Property CapItems
Property CapItemsString
Property CapMinValue
Property CapNumItems
Property CapStepSize
Property CapType
Property CapValue
Property CapValueString
Property CapValueType
Property ErrorCode
Property ErrorString
Property IfThrowException
ErrorCode LogLeve
Property Manufacturer
Property ProductFamily
Property ProductKey
Property ProductName
Property VersionInfo
Property XferCount
Property Manufacturer
Methods 127 pages
Method RotateLeft
Method RotateRight
Method AcquireImage
Method CancelAllPendingTransfers
Method CloseSource
Method CloseSourceManager
DisableSource Method
Method EnableSource
Method FeedPage
Method GetDefaultImageLayout
Method GetDeviceType
Method GetImageLayout
Method GetSourceNameItems
Method OpenSource
Method OpenSourceManager
Method ResetImageLayout
Method RewindPage
Method SelectSource
Method SelectSourceByIndex
Method SetFileXferInfo
Method SetImageLayout
Method AddText
Method ChangeImageSize
Method CopyToClipboard
Method Crop
Method CreateTextFont
Method CropToClipboard
Method CutFrameToClipboard
Method CutToClipboard
Method Erase
Method Flip
Method GetHDIB
Method GetImageBitDepth
Method GetImageWidth
Method GetImageHeight
Method GetImageSize
Method GetImageSizeWithSpecifiedType
Method GetImageXResolution
Method GetImageYResolution
Method GetSelectedImageIndex
Method GetSelectedImagesSize
Method GetSkewAngle
Method GetSkewAngleEx
Method GetViewMode
Method IsBlankImage
Method IsBlankImageEx
Method Mirror
Method MoveImage
Method OverlayRectangle
Method RemoveAllImages
Method RemoveAllSelectedImages
Method RemoveImage
Method Rotate
Method RotateEx
Method Print
Method SetDPI
Method SetViewMode
Method SetSelectedImageIndex
Method ShowImageEditor
Method SwitchImage
Method BindSSLCert
Method BindSSLCertEx
Method ClearAllHTTPFormField
Method FileExists
Method FTPDownload
Method FTPDownloadDirectly
Method FTPDownloadEx
Method FTPUpload
Method FTPUploadDirectly
Method FTPUploadEx
Method FTPUploadAllAsMultiPageTIFF
Method FTPUploadAllAsPDF
Method FTPUploadAsMultiPagePDF
Method FTPUploadAsMultiPageTIFF
Method HTTPDownload
Method HTTPDownloadDirectly
Method HTTPDownloadEx
Method HTTPUploadThroughPost
Method HTTPUploadThroughPostDirectly
Method HTTPUploadThroughPostEx
Method HTTPUploadAllThroughPosttAsMultiPageTIFF
Method HTTPUploadThroughPostAsMultiPageTIFF
Method HTTPUploadAllThroughPostAsPDF
Method HTTPUploadThroughPostAsMultiPagePDF
Method HTTPUploadThroughPut
Method HTTPUploadThroughPutDirectly
Method HTTPUploadThroughPutEx
Method HTTPUploadAllThroughPutAsMultiPageTIFF
Method HTTPUploadSelectedImagesThroughPutAsMultiPageTIFF
Method HTTPUploadAllThroughPutAsPDF
Method HTTPUploadThroughPutAsMultiPagePDF
Method LoadDibFromClipboard
Method LoadImage
Method LoadImageEx
Method LoadImageFromBase64Binary
Method LoadImageFromBytes
Method SaveAllAsMultiPageTiff
Method SaveAllAsPDF
Method SaveAsBMP
Method SaveAsJPEG
Method SaveAsPDF
Method SaveAsPNG
Method SaveAsTIFF
Method SaveSelectedImagesAsMultiPagePDF
Method SaveSelectedImagesAsMultiPageTIFF
Method SaveSelectedImagesToBytes
Method SaveSelectedImagesToBytes
Method SetCookie
Method SetHTTPFormField
Method ShowFileDialog
Method CapGet
Method CapGetCurrent
Method CapGetDefault
Method CapGetFrameBottom
Method CapGetFrameLeft
Method CapGetFrameRight
Method CapGetFrameTop
Method CapIfSupported
Method CapReset
Method CapSet
Method CapSetFrame
Method GetCapItems
Method GetCapItemsString
Method SetCapItems
Method SetCapItemsString
Method RegisterEvent
Method UnregisterEvent
Getting%20Started 8 pages
What is Dynamic Web TWAIN
TWAIN Overview
TWAIN State Transition
License Agreement
Distributing Dynamic Web TWAIN
Getting Supported
Virtual Developer Service
TWAIN State Transition
Programmer%20Guide 6 pages
How to use the ActiveX Edition in a desktop application
How to use the license
How to deploy Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX on a Web Server
How to deploy Dynamic Web TWAIN Plug-in on a Web Server
How to deploy Dynamic Web TWAIN Mac Edition on a Web Server
How to use Dynamic Web TWAIN Plug-in
Events 26 pages
OnAfterOperate Event
OnBeforeOperate Event
OnOperateStatus Event
OnBitmapChanged Event
OnGetFilePath Event
OnImageAreaDeSelected Event
OnImageAreaSelected Event
OnMouseClick Event
OnMouseDoubleClick Event
OnMouseMove Event
OnMouseRightClick Event
OnPreAllTransfers Event
OnSourceUIClose Event
Support information
OnInternetTransferPercentageEx Event
OnImageAreaSelected Event
OnImageAreaDeSelected Event
Appendix 2 pages
Error List
.Net-TWAIN-Scanner 1 page
Dynamic .NET TWAIN Help - Table of Content
html 761 pages
DynamicDotNetTwain Members
DynamicDotNetTwain.ScanInNewThread Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.OnSourceUIClose Event
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapValueType Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfUseTwainDSM Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FitWindowType Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfShowPrintUI Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Invert Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GrayScale Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.AnnotationTextFont Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.AnnotationTextColor Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.AnnotationPen Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.AnnotationFillColor Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.AnnotationType Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.LogLevel Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfSaveAnnotations Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Print Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetAllAnnotationDataList Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.LoadAnnotationDataList Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetSelectedAnnotationList Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CreateAnnotation Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.UpdateAnnotation Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.DeleteAnnotations Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.ChangeAnnotationPosition Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.OnAnnotationSelected Event
DynamicDotNetTwain.OnAnnotationDeselected Event
DynamicDotNetTwain.OnAnnotationCreated Event
DynamicDotNetTwain.OnAnnotationMoved Event
DynamicDotNetTwain.OnAnnotationResized Event
DynamicDotNetTwain.OnAnnotationTextChanged Event
DynamicDotNetTwain.PDFPageSize Property
DWTPDFPageSize Enumeration
DynamicDotNetTwain.PDFMarginBottom Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.PDFMarginLeft Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.PDFMarginRight Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.PDFMarginTop Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveCustomDSData Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveCustomDSDataEx Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.LoadCustomDSData Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.LoadCustomDSDataEx Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfSSL Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.RotateLeft Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.RotateRight Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.ShowImageEditor Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.PixelFlavor Property
DynamicDotNetTwain Class
DynamicDotNetTwain Constructor
DynamicDotNetTwain Constructor (String)
DynamicDotNetTwain.AcquireImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.AddBarcode Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CancelAllPendingTransfers Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapGet Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapGetCurrent Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapGetDefault Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapGetFrameBottom Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapGetFrameLeft Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapGetFrameRight Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapGetFrameTop Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapIfSupported Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapReset Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapSet Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapSetFrame Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.ChangeImageSize Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.ClearAllHTTPFormField Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.ClearSelectionRect Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CloseSource Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CloseSourceManager Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.ConvertPDFToImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CopyFrameToClipboard Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CopyToClipboard Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.Crop Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CropToClipboard Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CutFrameToClipboard Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.CutToClipboard Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.DisableSource Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.DisplayPropertyPage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.EnableSource Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.EnableSourceUI Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.Erase Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FeedPage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.Flip Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPDownload Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPDownloadEx Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPUpload Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPUploadAllAsMultiPageTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPUploadAllAsPDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPUploadAsMultiPagePDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPUploadAsMultiPageTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPUploadEx Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetBarcodeInfo Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetBarcodeText Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetCapItems Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetCapItemsString Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetDefaultImageLayout Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetImageControl Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetImageGuidByIndex Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetImageIndexByGuid Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetImageLayout Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetImageSize Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetImageSizeWithSpecifiedType Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetInterfaceSafetyOptions Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultLineCount Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultLineRect Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultPageCount Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultPageSetCount Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultWordsCount Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultWordsFontName Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultWordsFontSize Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultWordsRect Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetOCRResultWordsText Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetSelectionRect Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetSkewAngle Method (Int16)
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetSkewAngle Method (Int16, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32)
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetSourceType Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.GetViewMode Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPDownload Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPDownloadEx Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadAllThroughPostAsMultiPageTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadAllThroughPostAsPDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadAllThroughPutAsMultiPageTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadAllThroughPutAsPDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadThroughPost Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadThroughPostAsMultiPagePDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadThroughPostAsMultiPageTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadThroughPostEx Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadThroughPut Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadThroughPutAsMultiPagePDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadThroughPutAsMultiPageTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUploadThroughPutEx Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.IsBlankImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.LoadDibFromClipboard Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.LoadImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.LoadImageEx Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.LoadImageFromBytes Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.Mirror Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.MoveImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.OCR Method (String[])
DynamicDotNetTwain.OCR Method (IndexList)
DynamicDotNetTwain.OCR Method (Int16, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32)
DynamicDotNetTwain.OpenSource Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.OpenSourceManager Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.Picture Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.PreFilterMessage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.Print Method (PrinterSettings)
DynamicDotNetTwain.ReadBarcode Method (Int16, BarcodeFormat)
DynamicDotNetTwain.ReadBarcode Method (IndexList, BarcodeFormat)
DynamicDotNetTwain.ReadBarcode Method (Int16, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, BarcodeFormat)
DynamicDotNetTwain.RemoveAllImages Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.RemoveImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.RemoveImages Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.ResetImageLayout Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.ResizeVideoWindow Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.RewindPage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.Rotate Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAllAsMultiPageTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAllAsMultiPageTIFFToBytes Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAllAsPDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAllAsPDFToBytes Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsBMP Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsJPEG Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsMultiPagePDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsMultiPagePDFToBytes Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsMultiPageTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsMultiPageTIFFToBytes Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsPDF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsPNG Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveAsTIFF Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SaveImageToBytes Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SelectSource Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SelectSourceByIndex Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetCapItems Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetCapItemsString Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetFileXFERInfo Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetHTTPFormField Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetImageGuidByIndex Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetImageLayout Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetInterfaceSafetyOptions Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetSelectionRectPosition Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetVideoContainer Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SetViewMode Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SourceNameItems Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.SwitchImage Method
DynamicDotNetTwain.AllowMultiSelect Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BackgroundColor Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BackgroundFillColor Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BarcodeCount Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BarcodeDllPath Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BitDepth Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BklightComp Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BklightCompDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BklightCompMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BklightCompMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BklightCompStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BlankImageMaxStdDev Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BlankImageThreshold Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BorderStyle Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Brightness Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BrightnessDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BrightnessMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BrightnessMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.BrightnessStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Capability Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapCurrentIndex Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapCurrentValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapDefaultIndex Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapNumItems Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapStepSize Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapType Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CapValueString Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ColorEnable Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ColorEnableDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ColorEnableMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ColorEnableMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ColorEnableStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Contrast Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ContrastDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ContrastMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ContrastMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ContrastStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CurrentImageIndexInBuffer Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CurrentSelectedImageIndicesInBuffer Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.CurrentSourceName Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.DataSourceStatus Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.DefaultSourceName Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Duplex Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.EnableInteractiveZoom Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.EnableKeyboardInteractive Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ErrorCode Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ErrorString Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Exposure Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ExposureDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ExposureMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ExposureMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.ExposureStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Focus Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FocusDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FocusMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FocusMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FocusStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FrameRate Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FrameRateMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FrameRateMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPPassword Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPPort Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.FTPUserName Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Gain Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.GainDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.GainMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.GainMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.GainStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Gamma Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.GammaDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.GammaMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.GammaMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.GammaStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HookMessage Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HowManyImagesInBuffer Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HttpFieldNameOfUploadedImage Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPPassword Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPPort Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPPostResponseString Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HTTPUserName Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.Hue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HueDefaultValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HueMaxValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HueMinValue Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.HueStepDelta Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAppendImage Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoBklightComp Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoBright Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoBrightness Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoColorEnable Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoContrast Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoExposure Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoFeed Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoFocus Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoGain Property
DynamicDotNetTwain.IfAutoGamma Property
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