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Error Troubleshooting

HTTP process error


When attempting to upload images using any of the HTTPUpload*** methods the upload fails and you receive this error.


  1. The write permission is not granted to the specified directory on the web server.
  2. The action page is incorrect or returns something from the web server.
  3. The port specified for uploading is incorrect.
  4. The size of the images you are trying to upload is larger than the maximum allowed size set by the server.


  1. Make sure the users who are uploading have permission to write images to the specified directory on the web server. (For example, give “Write” permission to the Authenticated Users.)
  2. Check the response string returned from the HTTP server to determine the cause of the HTTP process error. You can get this string by using the HTTPPostResponseString property.
  3. Set the port to the correct one using HTTPPort. We recommend you get the Port and Server values this way:

     var strHTTPServer = location.hostname;
     DWObject.HTTPPort = location.port == "" ? 80 : location.port;
    • If you have set IfSSL to true, you must set a secure port for the HTTPPort property. For example,
     DWObject.IfSSL = true;
     DWObject.HTTPPort = 443;

    For example: If the URL for the scan page is “http://localhost:3253/….”, you should set the port to 3253.

  4. Check the server-side configuration

    • Please reset the maximum transferable data size. If you are using ASP.NET , you can change the value in the following line in the Web.Config file.
     <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="1000000"/> // In kilobytes

    This line may also be required

     <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="300000000" /> // In bytes

    The following is an example config file

     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
             <httpRuntime executionTimeout="3000"  maxRequestLength="102400"/>
             <compilation debug="true" />
                     <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="300000000" />

    If you are using PHP , you can change the value in the following line in the php.ini file:

     upload_max_filesize = 2M

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