SourceSafe Alternative – SourceAnywhere Version Control Solution

SQL Sever based Version Control Software Designed as SourceSafe Alternative SourceAnywhere, the Visual SourceSafe (VSS) alternative, offers all the functionality of VSS, plus a variety of additional features. As opposed to VSS, which is designed for secure local network, SourceAnywhere works well in remote and cross platform development environments.

Fast Source Code Management Tool for Distributed Team

SourceAnywhere is SQL server based version control tool designed as a compelling Visual SourceSafe replacement. It is an ideal revision control system (rcs) for you if you are working with different IDE, in a distributed team. Download from $299 | 30-day money back

Best Source Control Tool for Small Team and Solo Developer

“Besides Visual Studio, SourceAnywhere Standalone is the best software investment I ever made.” — Les Pinter, Microsoft MVP SourceAnywhere is SQL Server based version control software designed for both local and distributed teams. It is the best version control system for small teams. If you are just looking for an easy source control system and worry…

Agile Source Control Software

Many well-known corporations rely on SourceAnywhere for version control management of their source code. Join them today.                   more SourceAnywhere is agile source control software designed for local and remote development teams. It’s developed with security being the top priority. On top of password policy, HTTPs connection and other common security…

Version Control with Eclipse

Version Control Solutions for Eclipse Eclipse has some basic support for version control, which can be seen through the Team part of the right-click context menu, particularly when clicking on projects in the Package Explorer. By default, Eclipse supports the legacy version control system CVS, which can be seen through the Share Project dialog. A…

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