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  • Lector de Códigos de Barras y Códigos QR Online Gratuito

    ¿Necesitas escanear códigos de barras 1D o códigos QR de una imagen desde el navegador con rapidez? Prueba nuestra aplicación online de lectura de códigos de barras, desarrollada mediante el SDK de Dynamsoft Barcode Reader. Esta aplicación de escaneo de códigos de barras pone de manifiesto el potencial de las...

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  • Free Online Barcode and QR Code Scanner

    Want to scan 1D barcodes or QR codes from images quickly in your browser? Try the free online barcode scanning application built using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. This barcode scanning application highlights the powerful features and industry-leading performance of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. To scan barcode online with this app,...

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  • The Role of Barcode Technology in Retail

    Retail stores continue to find new ways to engage customers and build better customer relationships, even or especially during COVID-19. According to Small Business Trends, there are at least five things customers want from a retail store. These include personalized customer service, online/offline integration, the use of mobile technology, loyalty...

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  • How to Use Java Barcode Reader API

    Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK is a cross-platform bar code detection and decoding library. With the barcode scanning SDK, developers could easily build Java barcode applications on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The Complete SDK Package Get 30-day free trial of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK > Java Barcode Quick Start A dynamsoft-barcodereader-7.5.jar file...

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  • What is the Difference Between Code 39 and Code 128?

    Code 39 and Code 128 are both 1D barcodes that support both numeric and alpha data. They are widely used in non-retail environments, such as library books, membership cards, small items, etc. In this article, we will compare the two barcodes and help you understand the differences between them. Scan...

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  • Some Real-World Benefits Achieved Using Barcodes in Business

    Barcodes have an array of applications – they are business critical in warehousing for inventory management. They can be productive in retail marketing campaigns and much more. Here is a short but useful collection of how a couple of European and a couple of California businesses leverage barcodes for their...

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  • Scanning VIN Codes with a Barcode Reader

    Anyone tasked with regularly and manually capturing vehicle identification numbers (VIN) knows how troublesome they can be when doing so from a vehicle. You usually have to hover over and read through the windshield at the engraved numbers etched in low contrast. Or, you can kneel to look at the...

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  • Where to Start with EHR Implementation [eBook series 5 of 6]

    By now you should be familiar with the enabling EHR technologies and various technical considerations for adopting this application. But there are one other consideration that is often overlooked. Human Bottlenecks Often, migrating to a new technology can be a challenging and lengthy process for staff members. Healthcare providers might...

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  • Newly Enhanced Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 7.0 Offers more Customization and Flexibility

    With the release of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader DBR 7.0, we are excited to introduce a number of features and enhancements that take Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to another level. In this post, we discuss these new features, how they work, and what they mean for you. More Modes, More Flexibility A...

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  • Fast Mobile Barcode Scanner SDK

    Mobile devices have undoubtedly become indispensable parts of our lives, but more and more they are assets used to perform daily job functions. Across many industries such as healthcare and postal services, workers rely on their phones and tablets to scan barcodes, track inventory, store and lookup records in databases,...

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  • QR Codes Recognition: High-Density

    QR code can store much more data than a 1D code. But do you know how much data it can represent? Here is a quote from wikipedia1: The amount of data that can be stored in the QR code symbol depends on the datatype (mode, or input character set), version...

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  • Reading Damaged Barcodes

    Improving accuracy and decoding rate remains a top priority for developers working with barcode reading SDKs. While configuration tweaks and improvements in the algorithm can result in drastic improvements, end users can also play a significant role by improving the image resolution at the time the image is taken, ensuring...

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  • Image Processing 101 Chapter 2.2: Point Operations

    This post discusses the basic point operations and the next post will be covering spatial filters. Point Operation Point operations are often used to change the grayscale range and distribution. The concept of point operation is to map every pixel onto a new image with a predefined transformation function. g(x,...

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  • Image Processing 101 Chapter 2.1: Image Enhancement

    Image enhancement refers to the process of highlighting certain information of an image, as well as weakening or removing any unnecessary information according to specific needs. For example, eliminating noise, revealing blurred details, and adjusting levels to highlight features of an image. Image enhancement techniques can be divided into two...

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  • What are the Best Barcode Reader SDKs?

    Looking for the best barcode reader SDK for your application, but aren’t sure how to evaluate the different options, and what considerations you should be making? You’ve come to the right place. There are more than a dozen commercial-grade barcode reader SDKs on the market and it can be time-consuming and...

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  • Product Code Scanners for Retail

    Barcode technology has been around for decades and shows no signs of slowing as retailers continue to find new retail solutions to use barcodes. While reliable and robust, there are still many challenges to overcome, especially in retail environments. Unsuccessful barcode scans from damaged codes, or simply missing a barcode...

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  • Reading Barcodes with Webcam in OpenCV and Python

    Barcode is an efficient way to make information readable for machines. There are many scenarios of using Barcode reader software. For example, companies use Barcode encoding and decoding software to manage various documents that captured by office scanners. Airport security uses handheld scanners to check the boarding pass and record...

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  • How to Rename a Batch of Files with Barcodes

    A barcode is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data. Barcodes are widely used in data capture and document management to improve business workflow and work efficiency. Let’s consider a situation: You have thousands of images that you would like to rename. Each image is a scanned image file with a...

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  • Build Node.js Barcode Reader on Raspberry Pi

    Node.js is available for all platforms including IoT devices like Raspberry Pi. In this post, we will demonstrate how to quickly create an online barcode reader on Raspberry Pi using Node.js and Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. Node.js for Raspberry Pi If you flashed Rasbian Jessie, the latest Linux ROM for...

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  • How to Use Webcam as Barcode Reader in C#

    Use webcam as barcode scanner in C# Barcode is undoubtedly a welcomed way to record and track data. It can represent data including pricing, inventory, user info and a variety of others. Because of this, barcode reading became one of the essential features for an image processing application, for instance,...

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