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FAQ - JavaScript

  1. How to get a copy of (Dynamsoft Barcode Reader) Dbr JS deployable files (source code, etc.) ?

  2. How to use the JavaScript SDK in offline mode?

  3. What are the server requirements for Dbr JS deployment?

  4. What are the pros and cons of using the CDN?

  5. What are the differences between the compact edition and the full edition?

  6. Is HTTPS absolutely required?

  7. When to use onFrameRead and when to use onUniqueRead?

  8. Do we have to call loadWasm proactively?

  9. What are the differences between updateScanSettings/updateVideoSettings/updateRuntimeSettings?

  10. What are the different ways to customize the UI?

  11. How to get the logs for the JavaScript SDK?

  12. How do you upgrade to a newer version of the SDK?

  13. How to change the domain binding of your product key?

  14. When is singleFrameMode enabled?

  15. How to get intermediate result images?

  16. How to read an inverted image?

  17. How to read barcodes from existing files?

  18. What file/image formats are supported when reading barcodes from files in local memory?

  19. How to scan the barcode on a US Driver’s License and get the first name, last name, DOB, etc.?

  20. How to add/remove a “beep” sound once a barcode is found?

  21. How do I create a NodeJS application using the SDK?

  22. How to check the version of the JavaScript SDK I am currently using?

  23. How to stop the camera stream from opening right away after DBR JS demo is loaded? How can you enable the camera on the click of a button?

  24. What is the difference between the BarcodeReader class and the BarcodeScanner class? Can they be used interchangeably?

  25. Why are newline characters not being rendered when displaying the barcode results in a textbox?

  26. How to resolve the expected magic word error that occurs when using the JavaScript SDK?

  27. What are the general troubleshooting steps if an image fails to decode with the JavaScript SDK?

  28. What are the differences between the ‘speed’, ‘coverage’, ‘balance’, and ‘single’ runtime templates?

  29. How to avoid incorrect barcode results?

  30. How does license tracking work with the three standard licensing options - Per Scan, Per Device, Per Concurrent Device?

  31. When is a new license spot taken when using a per-device licensing model?

  32. How to get rid of the delay when opening the camera?

  33. How can I hide the laser bar and Dynamsoft message in the default UI of the BarcodeScanner?

  34. Why is the Javascript SDK not recognizing any barcodes on iOS 16.4?

  35. How to check the camera permissions programmatically in Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript SDK?

  36. How do I resolve the issue of the Barcode Reader not recognizing any barcodes via video in iOS 16.7 or 17?

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